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Pro-Life National Prayer Continues

Prayers for Dobbs

 On November 18th parishioners gathered within their homes as well as within St Teresa Church to participate in a national Prayer Service, Prays for Dobbs.

 This historic online gathering brought together Catholics, Orthodox and Protestant Christians across the country. 

Together, we prayed for a just outcome that protects millions of preborn babies and their mothers. 

What can we do?

 The most important thing we can do to is continue to PRAY!  Jesus says, “where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  We all need to pray without ceasing.  And we need to tell our family and friends to please join us.

Can you imagine what could happen if all who want an end to abortion joined together? Think about that for just a moment …. If each believer committed to prayer?

During this time please pray for the nine court justices that stand between life and death of innocent children and their mothers.

Please take time to pray to our Mother Mary, through the intercessions of the rosary. 

With God, ALL THINGS are possible.  


Our Beliefs

We the Catholic community of Holy Child Parish, baptized into Christ Jesus and confirmed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, commit ourselves to:

  • Worship God in spirit and in truth through the celebration of the Eucharist;
  • Come together as a vibrant and faith filled community focusing on the spiritual and temporal needs of all;
  • Proclaim in word and deed the Good News of Jesus Christ to all persons, inviting them to share our faith and mission;
  • Teach the saving message of Christ so that all believers may come to a deeper understanding, conversion and personal witness to Christ.





God, Almighty Father, when Mary surrendered herself to your Word, she conceived Christ first in her mind through faith, in her heart through hope and love, and finally in her body through the marvelous operation of your Holy Spirit. By her eagerness to be the mother of your Son, she opened the floodgates of your merciful love for all men and women. May she help all people to live by faith, hope, love, and obedience to your will. May she remind us always that you want to bring salvation to our brothers and sisters through our faith and good works. Help us to accept fully our responsibility to combat the culture of death and foster the culture of life in our American society. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.



Didi you know that Pope Paul VI, in his apostolic exhortation Marialis Cultus (1974), called the Solemnity of Mary “a fitting occasion for renewing adoration of the newborn Prince of Peace, for listening once more to the glad tidings of the angels (Luke 2:14), and for imploring from God, through the Queen of Peace, the supreme gift of peace.”










Though New Year’s Day may seem more like a day for parades and football than for Mary, there’s a beautiful spiritual significance in celebrating her during the heart of the Christmas season.








 Solemnities are the highest rank of liturgical celebration within our Catholic faith. By celebrating a solemnity dedicated to Mary’s motherhood, the Church highlights the significance of her role in the life of Christ.


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